Barry Fischetto

Barry Fischetto is the Senior Vice President of Operations with Farmer Brothers Coffee.



At work, Barry Fischetto is the Senior Vice President of Operations of Farmer Brothers Coffee. Outside of it, he’s a father of two, a lover of travel, a deep sea fisherman, and a rabid New York sports fan.


Barry spent most of his younger years in and around New York, attending St. Thomas Aquinas College in Sparkill for his undergraduate degree before earning his Master of Business Administration in Operations Management from Long Island University.  


Though his career has taken him outside of the friendly confines of New York, Fischetto’s love of the New York Yankees and Giants hasn’t shifted. When Barry began his job at Farmer Brothers, he relocated to Fort Worth, Texas before moving again to Northlake, where the business is currently located. Despite being located in the south surrounded by Cowboys fans, Barry continues to back the Giants, his hometown team. And while his preseason prediction that the Giants would take the NFC East fell a bit short, high hopes are abound for the 2017-2018 season.


Outside of the Giants and Yankees, Barry is also a fan of golf. Most recently, Fischetto and a few friends attended the Player’s Championship and watched some of the most talented golfers of this generation


While watching sports has always been a passion of Barry’s–whether it’s attending a Raven’s game in Baltimore, a Nebraska Cornhuskers home game or the College World Series–getting involved is a new ballgame. Though his days as an athlete are largely in the past, Fischetto has gotten involved in deep sea fishing, finding both entertainment and success along the way.


His deep rooted interests in the world around him extend beyond just sports and leisure time activities. As someone who is highly involved in supply chain management and business, Barry Fischetto has been involved with operations management, sustainability and business, maintaining a blog on If you would like to learn more about the business and professional side of Barry and his supply chain management work, visit his blog and read about how he has made lasting impacts on those around him.


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